About me

My name is Tikhonov Ivan

Year of birth 1977

Speciality: heat power engineering

Saratov state technical University. The end of the year -1999.

From 1999-2002 postgraduate SSTU.

My main direction of production and research activities are Water-chemical modes of steam and hot water boilers, as well as the use of membrane technologies of water treatment for heat power and heat engineering systems.

Main activities:

– Development of advanced technologies and schemes of water treatment for technical purposes.

– Inspection, audit, development of technical solutions, installation supervision, commissioning of water treatment systems of any complexity.

– Development and commissioning of steam and hot water boilers.

My priority is reverse osmosis water desalination systems.

Working in this direction, and systematizing practical experience, I formed a certain opinion about the effective use of reverse osmosis water desalination systems in the General complex of water treatment of boilers, various thermal power facilities, as well as the entire water-chemical mode of such facilities.

For more than 15 years of research and production activities in the field of operation of thermal power facilities, development of water treatment systems, production commissioning of water treatment systems, as well as the development and adjustment of water chemical modes of thermal power facilities I was able to achieve a fairly clear understanding of the role and place of reverse osmosis systems desalination of water in the structure of water chemistry of thermal power facilities.

I write books in my free time.