My books

  1. Теория безмассового взаимодействия

    The book presents the structure of an inseparaible energy space, from which visible mass matter (protons, electrons, neutrons, antimatter) may have been formed. Dark matter is considered as the original energy state, which is essentially water. The book presents arguments about the structure of dark matter as primordial water and about the role of man in this space.

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  2. Сборник статей по организации водно-химического режима теплоэнергообъектов

    The book contains articles from my website in a revised and edited version. The sequence of submission of articles in the book, in my opinion, is the most optimal for understanding the essence of the water-chemical mode.

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  3. Натан, или история о том, как Натрий счастье искал

    The smallest particles dissolved in water are called cations and anions. They are attracted to each other. Just like people. If we imagine that cations are men and anions are women, then their interaction is in many ways similar to the relationship between people. Sodium works in the office, and Chloride delivers pizza. This is the reality of that world. The novel examines the issue of love and selfishness as a contradiction that worries everyone, and how this contradiction is resolved by ions.

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  4. Сборник притч и рассказов

    The collection of parables and stories is written in order to trace how the characters will behave if they realize the continuity of the relationship environment. The collection presents a wide variety of circumstances and characters: from the Middle Ages and insects to the future and dragons. Each parable and story reveals how the choice of a character affects his fate.

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  5. Сборник стихов «От себя, к себе»

    Poems about how to find yourself whole and one with yourself and with everyone

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  6. Сборник рассказов «Коэффициент человечности»

    Life began with someone’s good will. How do you understand that your will is really good, that we are really alive in this material, at first glance, self-sufficient world? The heroes of the short stories in the collection “The Coefficient of Humanity” will try to answer this question.

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