About the site

The goal of this website This site is devoted to the problems of using reverse osmosis systems of desalination of water, as well as the study of water-chemical mode (WCM) of heat power facilities.
Reverse osmosis systems of desalination of water, perhaps, are the most “young” technology of water treatment. Membrane water treatment has not been widely used for a long time due to the bulkiness of the equipment and low energy efficiency of the technological process.
However, after the invention of the roll membrane element and the so-called tangential water filtration, reverse osmosis water treatment has become quite successfully compete with not only traditional water desalination systems, but also with water softening systems.
At present, there are no normative documents establishing a rigid scientifically based framework of normative parameters for the design of water treatment systems for thermal power facilities based on the reverse osmosis process. It should be said that water treatment for thermal power purposes is fundamentally different from the preparation of drinking water by desalination or ultrapure water desalination. From time to time there are articles that have certain recommendations for the design and operation of reverse osmosis water treatment plants in the structure of thermal power facilities.

However, there is not enough simple and reliable information to successfully design and operate such systems. It can be said that often,
each individual case of successful or unsuccessful WCM is determined not by competent design and operation, but by the quality of the source water and “tolerance” to the possible extremely low efficiency of the process (a large amount of waste water, overspending of reagents, overspending of flue gas, corrosion of pipelines and equipment, etc.)
The goal of this website is:

  • to show how effective can be the use of reverse osmotic desalination of water in the structure of thermal power facilities;
  • optimization of the operation of reverse osmosis water desalination plants with a view to reducing the amount of wastewater and reagents used;
  • description of technological features of conducting WCM using reverse osmosis. Selection of parameters of the technological process of water treatment and WCM ensuring trouble-free and efficient operation of the entire thermal power facility;
  • identify the problems of operation of water-chemical complex of thermal power facilities arising from the use of modern automated equipment that does not require constant maintenance personnel and try to find a solution;
  • discussion of various topics related to water treatment technologies used for different needs.

How to work with the site

The site contains three main sections:

  • Articles
  • Blog
  • My patents

The section “Articles” presents information in the form of articles written by the author on the topics that are presented to the author by the most important and establishing the basic laws of the processes of reverse osmosis water treatment and maintenance of thermal power facilities. Also this section presents the most important information on energy-efficient solutions in the field of water-chemical complex of thermal power facilities.

In the “Blog” section the author maintains a blog on his current research and production activities. This section considers current production problems arising directly in existing facilities. The problem is described, a solution is found, and actions taken. This blog is extremely useful in terms of tracking changes in the situation in the management of the water-chemical mode of a particular production facility and understanding what corrective actions lead to a particular result. Also in this section will be presented reflections on the use of various water treatment systems for a variety of purposes.

In the “My patents” are patents obtained by the author.

All information on the site is the result of intellectual work Tikhonov Ivan.