What is water (Primordial water)?

Ivan Tikhonov

The concept of water is very simple and difficult at the same time. You can talk about water in a chemical and philosophical sense. Moreover, in a philosophical sense, one can come to much more significant conclusions than in a chemical one.

From the point of view of chemistry, water is a dipole molecule of two ions: hydrogen and hydrate. It is dipole because there is a big difference in the value of the electronegativity of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The charge is compensated, but at the same time, the electrons tend to move towards the oxygen atom. Therefore, the oxygen atom receives a surface negative charge, and the hydrogen atom receives a surface positive charge. Accordingly, one water molecule attracts other water molecules to itself and as a result, we all get the usual liquid water. It is continuous and endless, while consisting of individual molecules.

There is something attractive in this dualism, which can be called a discrete-continuous state of energy matter.

And this state of energy matter permeates everywhere. It fills everything with itself. This state does not allow emptiness. In this state of energy matter, everything is dissolved (including people). It is like fish in water, which live in it and at its expense, but are not aware of it.

Water connects us all. Please do not pollute the water. It is not yours. It is for everyone to use. Water pollution will definitely affect everyone negatively, including yourself.

Love water. Work with it for the benefit of others through the benefit of yourself.

Discrete-continuous state of energy matter is the big brother or sister of water. Water is the younger and very beloved sister of the dualism of a discrete-continuous state of energy matter that determines the development of everything.

And people are dissolved in this state of energy matter. People are unique. They sort of complete the evolutionary cycle. They interact with this state (or let’s call it primordial water) through the brain and through the protons of the body. That is, primordial water forms the body and the brain in the process of evolution. At the same time, the brain of this body creates consciousness, which is in contact with the same primordial water. In its turn, our consciousness can control the state of the primordial water. At the same time, our consciousness transforms the primordial water according to our goals, taking into account general harmony. In more detail, the protons of the body determine the mass and inertia of the body when interacting with the primordial water and the brain creates complex electromagnetic fields that interact with the field of the initial general discrete-continuous state and probably form something similar to waves. The more sensitive, developed and harmonious a person is, the more complex, harmonious and stable the waves in this state of primordial water are created. Moreover, a person (his consciousness, soul) is that very waves he was able to create during his physical life. These waves are the individual’s personality. A person who has made noticeable, complex, harmonious, individual waves will exist forever and enjoy harmony forever, because waves always exist and can only be absorbed by the shore. But there are no shores in that state (only primordial water).

This can be imagined as a multitude of people sitting in the water and hitting it with their palms. Someone in one’s life will be able to create a harmonious orchestra of waves, and someone produces ripples. Don’t be ripples. Living eternity in ripples is so boring. When there is no body, the waves probably cannot be changed. Although there should always be hope. Let us assume we can. But the physics of this process is not yet available.

I wrote this in order to try to comprehend once again the value of water and the value of life. And that people are connected not only by gravity, but also by waves that are produced by the thinking brain in the primordial water. And these waves spread in the primordial water and connect people (at least thinkers) through the transfer of information contained in these waves.

Respectfully yours,

Ivan Tikhonov